7 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Kids When Life Gets Hard

Staying connected to your kids when life gets hard can be challenging. It takes courage, grit, and faith. Here are 7 ways to make it happen:

Even when we go through hard times. We have to be mom.

No one shows up and rescues us from our parenting duties.

The good news is that handing life in a real way will model this to your children as well. Facing challenges head on and finding wise solutions will help you AND your kids.

So here’s how to handle parenting in hard times.

#1. Stay Rooted in Your Faith

Faith is what causes a broken heart and a wounded soul to breathe again and soar to new heights.

You see, staying rooted in your faith is the energy that is needed for hope to arise. It is the proof that your spirit needs to understand that-

All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)

There are times when it takes faith to stay connected as a family. It takes faith to be strong for your kids. It takes faith to keep a sound mind and spirit.

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#2. Be One-On-One

We live in a world compact full of distractions. In fact, we are so used to the over stimulation of media that we may not even realize how disconnected we are from our kids.

Whats the first thing we do when we get in the car? Or walk into the house? Is it pulling the phone out to check?

Little ones are watching and often times- being pushed aside by our media devices.

One of the most powerful ways you can stay connected to your kids is by intentionally being one-on-one with them.

Whether your walking to the mailbox, sitting at the dining room table, or just waiting at the school pick-up… stay connected to them by:

  • initiating real conversations
  • making eye contact
  • not being a Present But Absent Mom
  • listen intently
  • providing to them that they matter

#3. Keep it Real

Struggles are a part of life.

They are often unavoidable and sometimes necessary for growth (although it’s hard to see that while you’re going through it).

That being said, think about HOW you want your children to look back and remember this hard time.

Do you want them to remember how mom fell apart? Or do you want them to remember how mom’s strength and positivity kept the family together and taught many lessons by example on:

Endurance, Fortitude, Faith…

So, keep it real to stay connected to your kids when times get hard.

Show the struggle and model how to be an overcomer.

#4. Show Unwavering Commitment

It’s a proven fact- mom’s are stronger than they know.

We can experience extreme hardship, fight through battles that weren’t our faultand show more strength than we ever imagined possible.

I believe this is because of our unwavering commitment to our children. There is nothing like a mother’s love for her children. When life get’s hard a mother does what is necessary to keep her children stay happy and healthy. That is all…

Kid’s not only see this commitment, but they feel it. They may not be able to put it into words yet, but they know sacrifice is happening. The precious bonds made during hard times will help you stay connected to your kids for a lifetime.

#5. Be Supportive

Don’t forget that when life get’s hard for you, “all the things“are still happening for your kids.

They still have school and activities going on. They need mom to be there for that…

Emotions and attitudes may be on the rise. They need mom to see that…

It’s hard to stay connected to your kids when it feels like things are falling apart. However, remember that being supportive will keep that good relationship that you want to have with your kids.

50+ Connection Questions

Pull out these fun questions to share some laughs with your precious ones. Use them out at meal times, car rides, or any time the day is getting chaotic and you need a reset to connect.

#6. Don’t Take it Personal

First of all, when things get hard, it’s easy to take things personal. Let me explain…

Emotions are on the rise, feelings are all on our shoulders, and it’s hard to keep it together. Kid’s are intuitive, but when they seem intrusive- it’s not out of spite.

Their outbursts, questions, and overall needy behavior is more likely a result of their love. They are probably longing to see their mom happy and don’t know how to communicate that just yet.

Consider this:

  • When they ask questions/say comments that hurt your feelings, they are really just opening up to you.
  • You’re not a failure. The fact that they are opening up to you and that’s a huge accomplishment and blessing.
  • Being on the defensive about these questions/comments can be damaging.
  • Life is hard for everyone…

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#7. Watch for Warning Signs

It there has been a loss in connection to your kids, you may be experiencing some consequences. Chances are you’ve already seen some warning signs.

What are warning signs?

I consider them blessings…

  • Maybe you’ve seen some new negative attitudes begin to spark?
  • Are the kids arguing more with each other?
  • Has there been any lying or stealing?
  • What about back-talking?

To make it through the hard times and stay connected to your kids- watch for these warning signs and intercept early.

Get to he root of the behavior by seeing the Heart of Your Child and making the necessary adjustments.

It could be that they are just Needing a stronger connection with there mom to make it through.


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