Alarm Clocks for Kids – by Age and Stage of Life

Every really thought about the benefits of alarm clocks? Trust me, I have added these to our morning routine and they help so much! No-matter the age… give it a try!

If you have a few children who all need to get up and get ready in the mornings… alarm clocks are a handy dandy tool.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t go in and give a kiss and sing a wake up song as well. I love to do this to 🙂

But giving your children alarm clocks they can help run is a great idea for kids.

They learn to:

  • Wake up independently
  • Establish the habit of setting their own alarm the night before (unless it can be programmed for weekdays and weekends)
  • Feel pride in taking ownership of their own morning routine
  • Get things done without mama having to nag

Toddler Alarm Clocks

Toddler alarm clocks. Alright, no one is saying that toddlers need to be in charge of all their morning routines on their own. As though mama or daddy ain’t there.

Using an alarm clock geared towards this age can help you child understand:

  • when it’s ok to wake,
  • I’m allowed to leave my room,
  • it’s quiet play time in my room, and
  • when I should be asleep.

Using a toddler alarm clock can help set some health boundaries for mom, too.

This can save your sanity!

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Here are some great toddler alarm clocks…

Ready to Rise Sleep Trainer

This particular toddler alarm clock comes highly rated. It has many features including color options, childproof setting, sound machine options, sleep/rise controls, and more. It’s an adorable little size, too.

Stoplight (Red, Yellow, Green) Sleep Alarm Clock

You won’t believe how cute this one is. It tells the analog time below, but also gives the color on the stoplight to indicate what your toddler should be doing at any given time. The little truck is driving beneath the stoplight.

Red means time to be asleep, yellow means quiet play is acceptable, and green means ok to rise and shine.

Puppy Dog w/Ball Toddler Sleep Trainer Clock

In the alarm clock, an adorable puppy is holding a ball that changes color based on what time it is.

Red means time to be asleep, yellow means quiet play is acceptable, and green means ok to rise and shine. It also tells the analog time.

Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine, Nightlight, and Sleep Trainer

Let’s talk about high tech. This alarm clock is controlled from your smartphone and includes many great features. It looks like a glowing tower and I think would provide some peaceful ambiance.

One thing that’s unique about this one is that it has the ability to grow with your child through those toddler stages of sleep.

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Elementary Age-Appropriate Clocks

At this age, you still want their alarm clock to be childlike. But, also functional with a working alarm.

The goal is to foster some independence such as…

  • knowing when to wake up,
  • getting out of bed on time,
  • staying asleep (or in bed) during sleep hours, and
  • using their quiet play time wisely.

Here are some functional alarm clocks for those elementary aged kids:

Dinosaur Clock with 6 Different Ring Tones

This little guy is so cute! It has intelligent sunlight/nigh-time simulation (the alarm clock “wakes up” with bright colors with the sun and dims for nighttime), a nightlight with a timer, and several alarms can be set for different days.

It’s the works.

Digital Alarm with Temperature, Date, and Day

I love this one for your child who needs “all the info.” It includes 8 different ring tones, three ranges in volume, and LED display.

Create Your Own Alarm Tone Kids Clock

Elementary aged kids are growing in independence and often love making their own choices. So, waking up to an alarm that they created would be super fun.

This clock also has an automatic wake up light and a touch to see the time function.

Aurora Light with Sunrise Simulation

This full LED screen clock is super cool looking. It has 14 color settings and is so much more than just a blaring sound.

It wakes a person up gradually over a period of time with ambient light and soft bird sounds. Too cool! Also, it can be fully personalized.

Bestselling Alarm Clocks for Moms

I honestly don’t like waking up to the sound of a blaring horn or the beeping of an annoying device.

That makes me feel frazzled in the morning.

Another thing I aim for is to be able to change my alarm depending on which day of the week it is. Let’s face it, not every morning is created equal.

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Here are some of the best alarm clocks for moms…

Digital Alarm Clock with Dimmable Display

This beautiful wooden design (with cordless cell phone charger) is a great deal. I love how you don’t have to plug in your phone, you just place it on top of the alarm clock.

Mirror Clock with 2 USB Charger Ports

This one is super chic looking. It’s got a large face for easy reading and it automatically dims with the rising and setting of the sun. I love the bright and pretty colors used to display the time.

SoundSpa Dual Alarm Clock System

SoundSpa makes a great clock/sound machine in one. It includes a projector to see the time. My favorite function is that it will always tell the correct time.

It will automatically change time zones and calculate time changes such as daylight savings time.

Hoofy Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

This tower of an alarm clock uses light set to the rise of the sun to naturally and peacefully wake you up. I love that! Also, you can program in different animal or water sounds to add to the experience.


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