All Time Best Thanksgiving Books For Kids & Adults

Want to talk about the Thanksgiving story for kids to understand? Read the best Thanksgiving books for kids, toddlers, and adults are right here.

What a wonderful time of year!

You’re busy making yummy foods and cozying up and making your home hygge for the holidays. You are enjoying family time and getting ready for the upcoming busy Christmas season.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like Thanksgiving has forgotten in recent years. People are decorating for Christmas in October and barely even register Thankgiving.

But it’s an important holiday and a great one to discuss about the meanings and origins with the kids.

The Best Thanksgiving Books For Kids AND Fun Ones For Adults

One of our favorite ways to discuss a topic back and forth and all around, is to read about it.

You can read about history, build literacy, and have awesome family time together. It can even be a yearly tradition.

We keep holiday books boxed up with seasonal decor. When I bring out fall decorations, for example, we’ll also bring out all the fall books. Same for all of our Christmas books.

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Board books for babies about Thanksgiving

Want to get some seasonal books for our baby they can chew on? I mean, read? It’s so fun to read stories to little ones and if they can feel something, turn the pages, or just look at the bright images it sets the stage for later.

The more you read earlier to babies, the more you increase their reading stamina and they’ll be able to sit for quite a while as they get older.

Also, board books are so affordable you can get a few each season to add to your Thanksgiving collection for your kids.

  • A Very Thankful Prayer | A sweet book with animals talking about all we have to be thankful for.
  • My First Thanksgiving | This book is by a famous children’s author, Tomie dePaola, and focuses on the Thanksgiving story and friendship.
  • Happy Thanksgiving, Curious George | We LOVE CG over here and have quite a few of his books.
  • Corduroy’s Thanksgiving | Remember the favorite Curduroy book where the girl brought him home with a broken button? This is related, so sweet.
  • Biscuit Is Thankful | About a sweet puppy, great if you have a family dog ​​or are getting a puppy for Christmas.
  • Happy Thanksgiving | This includes photographs to introduce little ones to new terms this holiday.
  • Llama Llama Gives Thanks | We are llama fans over here, are y’all?
  • Where Is Baby’s Turkey? | This is a flap book. Good for older babies (6 months and older likely) who want to use their fingers to read.
  • 5 Silly Turkeys | This board book is colorful and lovely. A great one for your collection.
toddler reading a book about the thanksgiving story for kids

Thanksgiving books for toddlers and preschoolers

This is my favorite age to read books to kids.

They find everything fascinating and they are able to sit for a longer period of time to read. You can read a bit more advanced books, but they are still short enough you can read a few at a time.

The books written for toddlers and preschoolers are thoughtful, clever, and fun to read together as a family. Add these, for sure, to your list of Thanksgiving books for toddlers.

  • A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving | A classic American cartoon’s take on Thanksgiving.
  • Balloons Over Broadway | A story about the origins of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. It’d be fun to read this then watch the parade together.
  • How To Catch A Turkey | This is very highly rated, good for preschoolers.
  • Thanksgiving Is For Giving Thanks | This goes into all the things we are thankful for. A great gratitude practice.
  • 10 Fat Turkeys | A quirky fun read for the little ones who like to laugh.
  • Bear Says Thanks | A great story about family and friendship and everyone coming together to celebrate Thanksgiving.
  • Pete The Cat: The First Thanksgiving | We have quite a few of these Pete books and the kids really get into them.
  • T Is For Turkey | An alphabet focused vocabulary book.

The story of Thanksgiving for kids (with video!)

Do you want to help tell your kids the story of Thanksgiving? Books will help, but so does a video.

Reading some books together and then watching a short video to dive more deeply into the topic.

Thanksgiving books for adults

If you’re like me, novels are a great way to wind down and relax after the stresses of life. I love reading seasonal novels. Beach reads during the summer.

Snow filled cabin books at Christmas, and so on. If you love reading stories that go with the time of year you’re in, these Thanksgiving books will help you get into the spirit to celebrate this time of gratitude.

  • Thanksgiving | This novel is by Janet Evanovich and her books are usually fast reads.
  • Once Upon A Thanksgiving | This is part of a PTA mom series and if that ain’t enough reason to read it, I’m not sure what is. Ha!
  • Her Holiday Fireman | Well, this is kind of like a Hallmark movie but in book form. Predictable but with good scenery!
  • A Deadly Feast: A Key West Food Critic Mystery | While Florida isn’t exactly the setting you think of for the holidays, it’s a nice break from the typical snowy cabin.
  • The Ghost At The Table | Sisters estranged meet up in a farmhouse and dredge up secrets from the past.
  • Turkey Day Murder | This is part of the Lucy Stone mysteries so if you like series, you may want to grab the whole package.
  • Bitter Harvest | Selling apples, if that isn’t fall like in a beautiful snowy setting, I don’t know what is.
woman on bed reading a thanksgiving book for adults

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