Baby Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything

It’s not always easy to shop baby gifts. This is eschpeially true when shopping for a mom who has everything. Here are some excellent ideas for just that situation:

Sometimes it’s just hard to shop for people.

If they have plenty of stuff, plenty of money, and are expert shoppers themselves… it feels almost pointless to shop.

Except that we often still need and want to buy them something to show our love.

And that’s where these gifts come in. They aren’t really “useful” or the most useful, per se, because moms who have everything have carefully selected the items they wanted and you may as well let them have those.

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Gift-Cards They Will Appreciate

When it doubt, buy a gift card. I really appreciated gift cards when I was expecting.

This way, I didn’t feel the pressure to use their gift right away. Here are some good ones to get a mother who has everything:

  • BuyBuy Baby – This store has everything from great deals to unique finds. Mom-to-be is sure to find something for baby here.
  • Target Lots of people are switching to shopping Target online for their baby furniture and nursery needs. It’s a safe bet when it comes to purchasing gift cards.
  • Hanna Anderson Baby Clothes – For the mom who likes unique and boutique style clothing. This adorable store has some great baby clothes and sleepers.
  • Maisonette Baby Supply – I don’t know a single mom who couldn’t find something they “need” at this store. It’s got everything from bath supplies to baby toys.
  • Baby Gap – OH, my goodness. Baby Gap has the cutest little baby shoes. Mom is sure to have fun making outfits for her little one.
  • honest– Everything from diapers to creams, this website has so many useful things that mom may find the need for.
  • Once Upon A Farm Organics – What a fun way to purchase organic baby food. This online source would be an appreciated gift card for a mom-to-be.

Nice Keepsakes

Depending on the situation, thinking about keepsakes may be the last things on her mind. But these are the things people used to put in their chests or kept for decades.

It’s a nice idea to help provide her with some gifts that will help her remember the precious moments she is going to have with her baby.

  • Baby Keepsake Box – What an amazing gift! I have little boxes crammed with my kid’s keepsakes in the closet. This box is a unique and precious find for a mom who has everything.
  • Folding Sonogram Picture Frame – This is a no ordinary picture frame. It is sized to fit sonogram photos and comes in a fold-out set of 5. I can already see this sitting on the nursery dresser.
  • Baby Handprint & Footprint Makers Kit – I love this kit because there’s a place for both hand and foot. Also, there’s two photo spots. I would want to hang this on the wall forever.
  • Love at First Sight Frame – This frame has a place for two photos and some adorable twine hearts. It’s sure to be cherished for years to come.
  • Heart’s Sign Ultrasound Gift – This unique keepsake is a small situation of a pregnant woman with a cut-out place to insert an ultrasound photo. Such a cool idea!
  • Baby Tooth Box – Some may find it a bit strange, but others love the idea of ​​keeping their little’s teeth.
  • My First Year Photos – It’s hard to think about these things once baby comes, but this gift can help a mom plan to save these precious moments.

Personalized Books

Reading is such an important thing to do with children. It’s even more special if mom is reading a personalized book about them.

Fun fact: my mom had a couple of personalized books for me and it brought me huge joy to read them and see my name.

Here are some exciting personal books that make great gifts for a mom who has everything:

  • Lost My Name – This is a book of name discovery. It’s an adorable book about a child finding the letters that belong to his or her name. You’ll find that the quality is excellent as well!
  • I’m a Name-O-Saurus – It’s the personalized dinosaur book to cherish for a lifetime. Little ones an mom are sure to enjoy reading this name book.
  • Me and My Big Brother/Big Sister – This personalized book is perfect for younger siblings to have about their family. I think that a mom who has everything will enjoy reading this with her children.
  • My Adventures in Wonderland – Go on an adventure with your little one through this enchanted book. It’s got beautiful pictures and a fun storyline. Mom is sure to enjoy reading this one!
  • Hello World Hello World is a personalized baby’s name board book. It can be personalized with information about baby and mom-to be. It also comes in a variety of colors to choose from.
  • My Very Own Personalized Nursery Rhymes – It’s my opinion that every nursery needs this book, personalized for the baby of course. It’s so adorable!
  • My Very Own Name – This is a creature story based on the baby’s name. There are quite a few to choose from. I think it would make a great baby shower gift!
  • Thank You, Lord, For Everything – This personalized book is a story of thanks. You can include pictures of family and personal information.

Subscription Boxes

More and more people are falling in love with online subscription boxes. Honestly, it’s a great way to try different things outside of your normal shopping radius.

Here are some good subscription box gift ideas:

  • Baby Diaper Subscription – A diaper subscription is always going to be approached! It’s a 100% safe bet. If you’re not sure about this brand (or if she is using cloth diapers), ask her and use Amazon to order on Subscription what she wants.
  • Bitsy Gift Box Subscription – Not sure what to get a mom who has everything? Try a monthly subscription for either her or the baby. This website offers baby boxes as well as expectant mom boxes. Getting these is so much fun!
  • KiwiCo’s Panda Crate – This trusted brand now was a baby box! It’s going to have a variety of toys, books, cloths, games, etc. for baby and mommy.
  • LillyPost – It’s a book subscription box that specializes in baby board books. What a great gift idea! Go ahead, spring for the yearly subscription.
  • Lovevery – This subscription box for babies is designed by experts for the baby’s developing brain. These are words even a mom who has everything loves to hear. What a great gift idea!
  • Hello Bello– This is a subscription box for mom’s who love cute things. You can bundle adorable diapers, wipes, and more.
  • Bookaroo – Who doesn’t love a good book subscription box? In my mind, you can never be gifted too many. It’s a wonderful gift to help a mom build her baby’s library. This is a great place to start!
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Monogramed Gifts

Purchasing a monogramed gift is so satisfying. It’s personal and sweet!

Without further ado, here are some great monogram gift ideas:

  • Howdy Honey – This shopping site has the cutest monogramed diaper bags in the entire world. I am obsessed with their animal, cactus, and different themed prints. There’s sure to be something for any mom on here.
  • Elegant Baby – For that fashionable and fancy look, here is a monogramed gift idea that mom is sure to appreciate. This website literally has everything.
  • Marleylilly – All I can say is, “oh my gooosssh.” Everything here is so cute! Even for a mom who has everything, she is sure to find something she can’t live without.
  • Mark and Graham – Even a mom who has everything will find that she wants the things on this shopping site monogramed; hats, blankets, diaper bags, etc.
  • Simply Unique – This is your one stop shop for anything personalized for baby. It’s a great place if you’re looking to purchase a large gift basket for a baby shower.
  • Aubrey & Bear – Ok, so this isn’t exactly monogramed. However, it’s a trend that is happening right now. Aubrey & Bear has the cutest personalized hospital blankets and clothing.

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