Labor Lag » BedTimes Magazine

Covid-19 made a tough hiring situation even tougher, and the fallout continues to be felt by some mattress manufacturers While the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the mattress industry in myriad ways, from supply chain slowdowns to material shortages, one of the most persistent and frustrating issues has been the shortage of reliable workers to staff … Read more

CBD Infusion 2.0 » BedTimes Magazine

With new legislation possibly on the horizon, CBD may become more mainstream, potentially increasing sales of CBD-infused bedding products Therapedic International debuted its copper-infused Immunity line in January, focusing on health and wellness while pausing the development of its b-calm CBD mattress line. In 2020, at the height of the anxiety-provoking pandemic, cannabidiol, or CBD, … Read more

Underdiagnosis of Sleep Apnea Is a Problem That Tech Can Fix

Advances in home sleep testing may chip away at the number of people who remain undiagnosed while capturing a more accurate calculation of the apnea hypopnea index. By Jane Kollmer There are many barriers that prevent patients from receiving an accurate diagnosis of sleep apnea, says Amir Reuveny, PhD, CEO and co-founder of Wesper, maker … Read more

The Coronavirus Marketplace » Sleep Savvy

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the mattress marketplace in a number of significant ways, a consumer study reveals. Consumers affected by the pandemic are more likely to look for a new mattress, especially a king-size model; purchase sleep accessories like pillows, sheets, mattress pads and mattress protectors; and cite home improvement projects as a trigger … Read more

Sleep No. 1 » Sleep Savvy

When it comes to good health, mattress buyers say a good night’s rest is more critical than healthy eating and exercise, according to a BSC tracking survey A new national survey of mattress buyers commissioned by the Better Sleep Council reveals that mattress buyers say a good night’s sleep is even more important than diet … Read more

It’s the Temperature, Silly » Sleep Savvy

Thermoregulating innovations in bedding products — including mattress pads, protectors and toppers — can help keep your customers from sleeping too hot or cold. Here’s a rundown of the latest technologies Too hot. Too cold. Too hot again. No one can get a good night’s sleep when sweating or shivering, tossing bed linens off — … Read more

Almost Half of Consumers Still Not Getting Good Night’s Sleep » Sleep Savvy

The majority of those who say they are sleeping well recently bought a mattress, according to the Better Sleep Council Q1 tracking survey. Almost half of the respondents in a new consumer survey say they still aren’t getting a good night’s sleep, with insomnia, health problems and stress all taking their toll. But many of … Read more

Mattress Matters » Sleep Savvy

Consumers are almost evenly split on firmness, but softer beds have gained ground, according to research conducted by the Better Sleep Council Consumers are divided in their preferences for firm and soft mattresses, but the Covid-19 pandemic is sparking growing interest in softer mattresses, which are preferred by many younger consumers. A major consumer study … Read more

E-Commerce in the Age of Covid-19 » Sleep Savvy

How are bedding retailers weathering the coronavirus pandemic? Better than expected, especially for those who are sharpening their cyberskills Spring often is seen as the season of renewal, when everything seems possible. But this spring is different in many aspects of life, including business. However, while the coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on the commercial … Read more

Protect Your Company From Cyberattacks, Please! » Sleep Savvy

By Greg Wright | Photography by Chris English/Tigermoth Creative In the midst of the pandemic and a busy holiday season, Wright Global Graphics faced something no company wants to experience — a data breach. Greg Wright shares his experience with the hope it will encourage industry members to be aware and prepared. In the midst … Read more