Should We Get Rid of Daylight Savings Time? – The Sleep Doctor is reader-supported. We might earn a fee via merchandise bought utilizing hyperlinks on this web page. Daylight financial savings time— you both like it otherwise you hate it. Whether or not you spring ahead or fall again, it could appear to be you’re feeling the consequences for weeks after. After which by the point … Read more

What Do You Have Before Bed?

Millions of adults suffer from sleep disorders, the most common of which is insomnia and narcolepsy. The adverse effects of these disorders are far-reaching, from accidents caused by drowsiness to hypertension and cardiac conditions.

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The Important Link Between Sleep Quality and Weight Fluctuations

Sleep is incredibly important for nearly every aspect of your health, and your weight is no exception. Research suggests that when you are sleep-deprived, you’re a lot more likely to pack on extra pounds. Your body needs sleep in order to maintain optimal cellular function, support sustained energy levels throughout the day and maintain a positive mood—all of which are important components of a healthy lifestyle that leads to a stable weight range for your height and activity level. How does sleep impact your body weight? Read on to discover the connection between your body composition and the hours you spend resting after the sun goes down.

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How to Sleep Better when You Travel

If it’s been some time because you’ve traveled, a refresher on higher quality sleep and staying sane will make your trip more enjoyable For many of us, the journey has been placed on maintain for much too lengthy. However there’s a complete lot of enjoyable days forward – and we wish these days to be … Read more

6 Sleep Hygiene Tips

We all know how beneficial routine and restful sleep is. Good sleep is essential for physical and emotional health. However, life happens, and too often than we’d like to admit we all wake up some mornings without getting a good night’s sleep. Queue tiredness, grumpiness, and feeling like a space cadet.

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The 4 Stages of Sleep

An ordinary person spends a third of their life sleeping, and good sleep is one of the secrets to good health. A good night’s sleep helps our bodies repair muscles, manage hormones, grow bones, and sort memories. Sleep can generally be segmented into REM (rapid eye movement) and non-REM.

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Night Owls and Sleep: COVID Altered Our Perceptions

By Krishna Sharma, Kaiser Health News Many so-called night owls feel that, when it comes to society’s expectations about when the workday should start, they drew the short straw. Research shows that “night owls” are hard-wired to sleep later, yet 9-to-5 work schedules force them to battle their physiology and wake up early. Research also … Read more