The Best Sleep Mask for Night Shift Workers โ€“ Manta Sleep

Significantly, shift staff are what preserve this world turning. They preserve us protected, rescue us from well being emergencies, serve meals within the wee hours, and the listing goes on. So, should you’re a shift employee, thanks for what you do! (This one’s for you.) Whether or not you’re working a night, early morning, rotating … Read more

Natural Products to Try to Fall Asleep Faster

Many factors can interfere with a good night’s sleep – from stress and family responsibilities to work and social commitments.

We all have trouble sleeping sometimes, but when we’re sleep-deprived day after day, it can become a real problem. Sleeping well affects our mental and physical health and helps us function during the day. Poor sleep leaves us tired and moody and affects daytime productivity, energy, and emotional balance.

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CPAP Considerations for Seniors | Sleep Review

People ages 65 and older face unique sleep apnea therapy challenges. Experts discuss common CPAP issues among seniors, as well as suggest strategies to promote adherence. By Emily Halnon More than half of Medicare beneficiaries are at high risk of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), according to a study by Michigan Medicine researchers. Its study of … Read more