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Are you an avid social media consumer? Because of social media, you possibly can share content material with your loved ones and pals within the blink of a watch. A number of the hottest movies that flow into round social media are “life hacks—” inventive methods to carry out easy duties, like cooking, cleansing, and even sleeping.

These life hacks are alleged to be simpler or higher methods to do on a regular basis duties. However do they really work?

A variety of sleep hacks from TikTok have been going viral— together with mine about how to get back to sleep whenever you get up in the midst of the evening, with over 1.5m views.

I’ve even written an article about certainly one of them that many individuals are doing properly now, typically incorrectly. However do they really assist you to sleep higher? There are lots of false well being claims on social media, and it may be exhausting to inform what’s actual and what’s not, particularly if the trick appears official.

So let’s study 7 viral sleep hacks to see if they really assist you to sleep— or if it’s worthwhile to say good evening to your favorite TikTok sleep hack.

Do These 7 Viral TikTok Sleep Hacks Work?

Let me start by spoiling the reply— no, a few of these hacks don’t work in any respect. Nonetheless, a number of them are the true deal. So let’s separate truth from fiction so that you don’t lose sleep over any bogus sleep hacks.

1. Ingesting “Lettuce Tea” earlier than Mattress

Whereas the proper of tea can assist you sleep, lettuce tea shouldn’t be certainly one of them.

The viral sleep hack initially posted by TikTok consumer Shapla Hoque claims that lettuce has sleep-promoting properties— and that the lettuce tea could make you are feeling sleepy inside half-hour of consumption.

I’ve debunked this one earlier than on PopSugar and Everyday Health. It’s full ballooney. A check on mice confirmed that lettuce could have some impact on sleep length— however stay awake onset. On this examination, the mice had been additionally drugged with a sedative simply after they got the lettuce extract. So if the mice had been sedated, it’s extremely unlikely that it was the lettuce extract that helped them go to sleep.

Research on mice apart, there is no such thing as a proof in people displaying that lettuce will assist you to sleep. However if you need a tea that can assist you to sleep, I like to recommend attempting banana tea— I’ve even shared how to make it on TikTok!

2. The “Navy Sleep Hack”

Also called the navy sleep technique, this TikTok sleep hack is marketed as the tactic troopers use to go to sleep anytime, wherever.— even on the battlefield Not that, however it might probably apparently assist you to go to sleep in 2 minutes flat.

You begin the method by laying flat, and clearing your thoughts. Then you definitely loosen up every muscle in your physique— out of your head all the way down to your toes. You basically need every a part of your physique to “shut down” to allow you to sleep.

This method could sound acquainted to my longtime readers. That’s as a result of that is basically progressive muscle leisure— however not fairly.

Progressive muscle leisure does assist you to sleep—however there are a number of key variations between the navy sleep technique and precise progressive muscle leisure. Right here’s learn how to do the method correctly:

  • As a substitute of beginning at your head, begin at your toes and transfer upward.
  • Tense every muscle group earlier than you loosen up them. This promotes consciousness of the stress or pressure in your physique, so that you’re higher ready to launch it.

3. Utilizing Crystals to Promote Sleep

The hack claims that sure crystals— similar to amethyst, rose quartz, and moonstone— can help you calm your thoughts and go to sleep extra simply.

Let me be frank— that is utterly bogus. At greatest, it might provide a placebo impact.

As a substitute of utilizing crystals that can assist you sleep, strive certainly one of my favorite TikTok sleep tips: counting backward from 300 by threes. It’s like counting sheep, however your thoughts are so occupied by attempting to depend backward by odd numbers that you just received’t even be occupied with falling asleep. To not point out, it’s so boring that you just’ll be asleep very quickly!

4. Carrying Socks to Mattress

This straightforward sleep hack states that sporting socks to mattress can assist you get higher sleep. This really can work!

One examination revealed by the Journal of Physiological Anthropology noticed 6 younger males and examined how well they slept when they wore socks to bed, compared to when they did not.

The researchers discovered that the contributors that wore socks to mattress virtually 8 minutes sooner than those that didn’t. Additionally they slip for 32 minutes longer, and skilled fewer nighttime awakenings.

Carrying socks can undoubtedly assist you to sleep higher in case you cope with chilly toes at evening— however this hack is probably not for everybody. For those who’re uncomfortable sporting socks to mattress, then you definately most likely need to skip this one.

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5. The 4-7-8 Approach

Longtime readers will most likely acknowledge this sleep hack too! I’ve been a fan of the 4-7-8 method for years— as a result of it really works. I’ve even shared this technique on TikTok! It simply goes to point out that it’s best to by no means underestimate the calming energy {that a} deep breath can have.

The 4-7-8 method helps decrease your coronary heart fee, which may make you are feeling drained. By focusing in your respiratory, you’re additionally capable of calm your thoughts and go to sleep extra simply. This may be particularly efficient if anxiousness or fear has been holding you up at evening.

Right here’s learn how to do it:

  • Slowly inhale by your nostril for 4 seconds
  • Maintain your breath for 7 seconds
  • Slowly exhale by your mouth for 8 seconds
  • Repeat as wanted

It’s that straightforward. Give it a strive— I believe you’ll discover this way more efficient than lettuce tea.

6. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy makes use of important oils from vegetation to assist promote well being by nice scents. It’s used as a pure treatment for a lot of well being issues from a stuffy nostril and an upset abdomen to insomnia.

Your sense of odor is straight wired to the emotion and reminiscence facilities of your mind. That’s why some smells have such a powerful and evocative impact on you. For instance, the odor of your mother’s do-it-yourself cookies or the odor of the ocean after a childhood journey to the seaside would possibly make you are feeling calm or nostalgic.

Aromatherapy might be a wonderful manner that can assist you get a greater evening’s sleep. Listed here are a number of important oils I like to recommend for higher sleep:

  • Lavender
  • vanilla
  • Citrus
  • Jasmine

To make use of important oils, you need to use a diffuser, add oil to a shower, or inhale straight from the bottle. By no means apply important oils on to your pores and skin. Undiluted important oils may cause pores and skin irritation, rashes, and even burns.

7. Decreasing Your Bed room’s Temperature

This bedtime hack is the best of the bunch— simply flip down the thermostat to make your bed room cooler and go to sleep extra simply.

This TikTok hack can also be true— I’ve even posted about it! In truth, relating to sleep, the cooler the higher. For most individuals, the perfect bed room temperature is 65 to 67 levels Fahrenheit. That’s as a result of sizzling temperatures could make you extra prone to stand up through the evening, and may lower the period of time you spend in REM sleep.

Nonetheless, in case you or your mattress accomplice are likely to sleep chilly, this is probably not the appropriate sleep hack for you. Alternatively, in case your accomplice sleeps chilly however you sleep heat— there’s a strategy to compromise with out touching the thermostat.

Among the best methods to do that is with the ChiliSleep system. This distinctive mattress pad means that you can adjust the temperature in your facet of the mattress, so you possibly can all the time sleep comfortably, irrespective of the room temperature.

Why You Oought to At all times Take “Life Hacks” With a Grain of Salt

Everybody’s heard the saying “if it’s too good to be true, it most likely is.” You’ve most likely additionally heard that you just shouldn’t consider all the pieces you see on the Web. Each are crucial items of recommendation to recollect in case you ever see a very engaging life hack on Fb, TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube.

Most life hack movies are fastidiously edited to look as alluring as potential. This may be particularly tough if the hack they’re displaying doesn’t really work— and most of them don’t.

The very fact is, many life hacks are doubtful at greatest, and harmful at worst. A distressing number of people have gotten injured— or worse— when putting fake hacks to the test. So in case you see a life hack video that appears too good to be true, do your analysis earlier than you strive it your self. It may prevent lots of frustration if the hack doesn’t work— it might probably even hold you and your loved ones secure.

Put These Sleep Hacks to Relaxation

Whereas there are some official sleep “hacks” on social media, most of them are utterly bogus. However for each hack that doesn’t work, there may be one which does. However if you need a wholesome TikTok sleep hack that does work— minus the dancing round and pointing at phrases on the display, check out my TikTok!

And bear in mind, if it appears too good to be true, all the time do your analysis earlier than you give it a strive. That additional warning can probably prevent lots of time, frustration, and even heartache.

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