Preschool Books About Feelings

Reading children’s books about feelings such as fear, sadness, or embarrassment can be a gentle way to teach or even introduce expressing these feelings with young children. Here are preschool books about feelings based on topic:

With children, one of the best ways to introduce topics is through books.

They love sitting on your lap, flipping through books, and you can read them over and over again to really get their wheels turning.

Before we get into this big massive list of books on feelings, I want to share some times it’s great to read books to kids.

  • Before bed (this is a perfect time unless the topic is too heavy)
  • After waking up from a nap when they’re often crabby and irritable
  • Before independent playtime when you are getting in some connection before alone play

There are undeniable benefits to reading to young children. They grow cognitively and their vocabulary is enriched. If your child is going to preschool soon, they may benefit from learning how to identify and cope with difficult feelings.

50+ Connection Questions

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Books on Identifying Feelings

  • The Color Monster: A Story About Emotions– In this book, the monster learns how to sort and define the emotions that he is feeling. He starts out in confusion but gains peace and awareness through the process.
  • The Boy with Big, Big Feelings—This book is written to help children navigate their emotions and cope with different kinds of feelings. It illustrates some literal actions and consequences to inward feelings in a way that children can understand.
  • Calm-Down Time (Toddler Tools®)– This book uses rhythmic texts and warm (calm) illustrations to give young children some simple tools to release, express, and calm down from strong emotions.
  • Feelings (Reading Rainbow Book)– Beautifully written and artistically crafted, this book teaches kids to explore their feelings and shows them how to show them appropriately.
  • All About Feelings- This Usborne book is a fun, friendly way to show kids how to recognize and name their feelings.

Preschool Books About Anger

  • Ravi’s Roar (Big Bright Feelings)– Ravi has big angry feelings, but he discovered some great ways to control his anger and channel it into something good.
  • Llama Llama Mad at Mama– In this story, Llama learns to take a situation that made her mad and turn it into a good time.
  • The Grumpy Monkey– This story tells of a Chimpanzee who is in a terrible mood and nobody can help him feel better. The main idea of ​​the story is that sometimes kids just need to be able to feel their feelings.
  • Hermie: God Forgives me, and I Forgive You- Children learn the importance of friendships, second chances, and forgiveness with Hermie.
  • Kindness is my Superpower: A Children’s Book About Empathy, Kindness and Compassion– Sometimes, friendship issues stem from a lack of understanding in empathy.
  • The Berenstain Bears: Kindness Counts- The Bear cubs encounter several friendship issues that are overcome with scripture and faith based teaching.
  • Kindness Starts with You- When it comes to being excluded, keeping a good head on your shoulders is where to start. Staying kind when feeling excluded is discussed in this book.

Books About Sadness

  • It Will be Okay: Trusting God Through Fear and Change– Beautifully illustrated, Little Seed and Little Fox will help your young listener through change and hardship.
  • The Invisible String- This story speaks to the hearts of any child who feels the pain of loss. It has been claimed by councilors and child phycologists as a great tool for grief.
  • The Do-Over Day- Everyone has those days. Reading about another kid’s bad day and how they cope with the feelings of being excluded may just be the ticket.
  • When I’m With Jesus: For any Child with a Loved One in Heaven – Written for children who have experiences loss, this book tells about heaven and Jesus has in store for them.

Books About Fear

  • Franklin in the Dark– Franklin, the classic beloved turtle, is scared of the dark. His family help him to overcome this fear when he realizes that everyone is scared of something.
  • There’s an Alligator under My Bed– This adorable book deals with nighttime fears.
  • Curious George Goes To The Hospital– This book delves into what to expect when going to the hospital.
  • First Day Jitters– Starting preschool can be a bit scary. This book deals with what to expect on the first day of school.
  • Thunder Cake– The fear of storms and loud thunder is common for preschoolers. This book charmingly depicts the story of a grandma who overcomes her fear of thunder.
  • Scaredy Squirrel– Scaredy Squirrel is scared of so many things. His fears stop him from going out and experiencing life.

Preschool Books About Embarrassment

  • A Bad Case of Stripes- In this story, the young girl is so worried about what her friends think that it causes her to change… a lot. It’s a funny read with a great moral.
  • Why Will No One Play With Me– This book is a plan book to help kids learn how to handle rejection and make good friends.
  • Different is Not Bad- This is a dinosaur’s story of diversity and friendship. It’s uniquely written to teach that rejection is hurtful.
  • The Tiniest Little Star- Take a journey as this little star learns to value of herself and others around her.
  • Chrysanthemum- Learning to accept and love yourself is part of keeping that inner integrity… especially through school ages. In this book, the main character learns to bond with her name and handles some situations with her peers.
  • You Are Special- In my opinion, one of the best children’s books about self worth and integrity out there. You’ll see how this plays out with the gold stars and gray dots… and learn to look at self worth in a different way.

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Books About Happiness

  • The Happy Owls– This fable tells a story of two owls that are content to be in their own environment. They found joy in the simplicities that around them.
  • Have You Filled a Bucket Today? – This book teaches the valuable lesson of how to truly achieve happiness though giving, sharing, and caring.
  • The Three Questions– This classic fable has been rewritten for children with beautiful illustrations. It teaches how to find joy in compassion and how to be present in the moment.
  • My Heart Fills With Happiness– My Heart Fills With Gratitude is a book about expressing gratitude in every day moments. It’s about reflecting and cherishing the moments in life that bring joy.
  • The Jar of Happiness – This children’s story tells of a girl who writes things down that make her happy and puts them into a jar, but what happens when the jar is lost?
  • Anna Hibiscus Song – Anna learns to share her happiness through the help of her family. She discovers that she enjoys expressing her happiness through song.

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