The Awake Ape: Why People Sleep Less Than Their Primate Relatives

On dry nights, the San hunter-gatherers of Namibia often sleep under the stars. They have no electric lights or new Netflix releases keeping them awake. Yet when they rise in the morning, they haven’t gotten any more hours of sleep than a typical Western city-dweller who stayed up doom-scrolling on their smartphone. Research has shown … Read more

Sleepland Is a Wide Awake Mattress Wonderland » Sleep Savvy

Jeff Harris (left), president and chief executive officer of Furnitureland South, and Becky Greene, executive director of merchandising, strolling through the recently remodeled, 11,000-square-foot Sleepland. Retailer Furnitureland South focuses on bedding in a dramatic new department that aims to excite a spirit of discovery in shoppers “The World’s Largest Furniture Store,” as Furnitureland South proclaims … Read more