Ready, Set, Sleep – Where To Put Your Bed for your Best Night’s Sleep

Close to a window, towards the wall, floating in the course of the room? We’ve received savvy knowledgeable recommendations on making your bed room sizzle It’s a beautiful second if you hear the knock at your door that alerts your new mattress has arrived. You’ll be able to’t wait to slide into your jammies and … Read more

Keeping Top of Bed Top of Mind » BedTimes Magazine

Makers of linens, toppers and protectors are creating products that improve the sleep environment and enhance mattress features Mattresses provide the comfort and support, but it’s the top-of-bed products that help to complete the sleep ensemble — and come in closest contact with the sleeper. Manufacturers continue to roll out new protectors, toppers and lines … Read more

Look Under the Bed » Sleep Savvy

Bed frames and platform bases aren’t as sexy as adjustables but still provide value for shoppers ADDED STYLE Malouf’s DuoSupport, with a modern look and recessed legs, is the company’s newest stationary bed frame. Stationary bed bases don’t have the power to raise heads and feet, massage lower backs or connect to smart devices in … Read more

What Do You Have Before Bed?

Millions of adults suffer from sleep disorders, the most common of which is insomnia and narcolepsy. The adverse effects of these disorders are far-reaching, from accidents caused by drowsiness to hypertension and cardiac conditions.

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