How a More Connected Life Can Lead To Better Sleep

While quality sleep is important for health and, there are many adults who do not get an adequate happiness amount of sleep each night. Whether stress is the culprit or a hectic lifestyle, there can be many reasons why good sleep gets put on the back burner. While it may seem difficult to get the sleep that you need, it doesn’t have to be. Often, by making some simple life changes and tweaking the way that you look at your relationship to sleep, you can help resolve the issues that are preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep, and start feeling more rested.

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Laundry Routines That’ll Make the Piles Smaller and Life Easier

Are you ready to try some simple laundry routines that will help make life easier for you? If you’re piles are building up and you’re loosing focus, try these things: Laundry is the bane of my existence. I go in fits and starts with it. Sometimes I’m on top of it. Then that enthusiasm wants … Read more

How to have a life with naps

Hi everyone and welcome to Sleep Talking Moms. Today we are going to talk about something that I don’t know I feel like people get a little riled up about sometimes, but also necessary, very necessary. So yeah, we’re going to talk about how to have a life with naps. And you may not like … Read more

Kingsdown Finds New Life » BedTimes Magazine

One of the industry’s most seasoned bedding makers builds on success with a fresh team and a host of products From left to right: Mike James, chair, and Frank Hood, president and chief executive officer, have repositioned Kingsdown in a changing mattress marketplace. It’s a new day for one of the bedding industry’s most enduring … Read more