Long-Term Covid and Insomnia

If living through a pandemic since 2020 has not been stressful enough, new studies are finding links between insomnia and long-term COVID effects. Sleep Score Labs defines long-term COVID as a general phrase used “to describe signs and symptoms that persist long after the time of original infection (beyond approximately 3 to 4 weeks). These long-term symptoms include a wide range of health problems – some mild, some severe – that are new, returning, or ongoing.”

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Neurostimulator Long-Term Patient Management Is Easier

New launches and upcoming plans from ZOLL Respicardia, Inspire Medical, and LivaNova make patient data more accessible and trackable. By Yoona Ha Once patients are implanted with neurostimulators and return to the sleep specialists for long-term care, digital tools—similar to those for CPAP management—are available for monitoring. Here are the latest therapeutic data advances surrounding … Read more