Navigating Uncharted Territory » BedTimes Magazine

Jerry Epperson ISPA recently had the opportunity to talk with industry veteran Jerry Epperson, managing director of Mann, Armistead & Epperson, a Richmond, Virginia-based investment banking and research firm that specializes in the furnishings sector, about how inflation, inventory buildups and other economic factors are affecting the mattress manufacturing and retail sectors. EPPERSON: Since the … Read more

Precision Textiles’ Growth on Point » BedTimes Magazine

New Jersey-based supplier of coated fabrics and nonwovens adds manufacturing plant in North Carolina and plans a third plant for Phoenix Scott Tesser, Precision Textiles president and chief executive officer, grew up in an apparel family but has shifted into fire retardant fabrics. “Our customers rely on us for any FR issue,” he says When … Read more

Labor Lag » BedTimes Magazine

Covid-19 made a tough hiring situation even tougher, and the fallout continues to be felt by some mattress manufacturers While the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the mattress industry in myriad ways, from supply chain slowdowns to material shortages, one of the most persistent and frustrating issues has been the shortage of reliable workers to staff … Read more

CBD Infusion 2.0 » BedTimes Magazine

With new legislation possibly on the horizon, CBD may become more mainstream, potentially increasing sales of CBD-infused bedding products Therapedic International debuted its copper-infused Immunity line in January, focusing on health and wellness while pausing the development of its b-calm CBD mattress line. In 2020, at the height of the anxiety-provoking pandemic, cannabidiol, or CBD, … Read more

Kingsdown Finds New Life » BedTimes Magazine

One of the industry’s most seasoned bedding makers builds on success with a fresh team and a host of products From left to right: Mike James, chair, and Frank Hood, president and chief executive officer, have repositioned Kingsdown in a changing mattress marketplace. It’s a new day for one of the bedding industry’s most enduring … Read more