Should You Add Telehealth to Your Dental Sleep Medicine Practice?

Dentists share the promises and pitfalls of incorporating telehealth into their dental sleep medicine practices, from streamlining workflow to accommodating those patients who are not tech-savvy. By Lindsey Nolen Given the rise of telehealth since the onset of the COVID pandemic, many patients have come to expect remote healthcare solutions, even those who are seeking … Read more

Sleep Study Autoscoring is the Future of Sleep Medicine

Sleep study autoscoring is starting to go beyond simply calculating the apnea-hypopnea index. By Lisa Spear In many cases, sleep study autoscoring simply speeds up an otherwise manual process without adding new information. But emerging research has evaluated new applications that could identify more detailed sleep architecture, define sleep apnea phenotypes, or even change the … Read more

How to Grow Dental Sleep Medicine

Industry stakeholders share best practices to improve the sleep apnea patient treatment journey from screening and therapy. By Yoona Ha More than 60% of adults have had a dental exam or cleaning within the last 12 months,1 which underscores the key role that dentists can play in raising awareness and improving outcomes among their patients … Read more