When Should Surgery Be Discussed with Sleep Apnea Patients?

An update to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine clinical practice guideline acknowledges the expanding evidence for surgical interventions for sleep apnea. But some physicians think the guideline doesn’t go far enough. By Jane Kollmer CPAP is the gold standard treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), but when patients struggle with CPAP adherence, surgery may … Read more

5 Perspectives on Napping for Narcolepsy Patients

Exactly how, when, and for how long a person with narcolepsy should nap to manage their disorder varies. Sleep physicians, patients, and advocates detail the nuances of how to navigate a scheduled daytime sleep. By Lindsey Nolen A Sleep Physician According to neurologist-sleep specialist Michael Thorpy, MB, ChB, maintaining a regular sleep schedule is the … Read more