BSC’s State of America’s Sleep Survey Finds a Nation Sharply Divided on Sleep Quality » Sleep Savvy

The Covid-19 pandemic played havoc with the quality of sleep for many Americans, significantly increasing the number of poor sleepers and inflicting mental, physical and financial strains on those poor sleepers, a new survey reveals. The “State of America’s Sleep” survey, conducted by the Better Sleep Council, documents a country that is as divided in … Read more

The Important Link Between Sleep Quality and Weight Fluctuations

Sleep is incredibly important for nearly every aspect of your health, and your weight is no exception. Research suggests that when you are sleep-deprived, you’re a lot more likely to pack on extra pounds. Your body needs sleep in order to maintain optimal cellular function, support sustained energy levels throughout the day and maintain a positive mood—all of which are important components of a healthy lifestyle that leads to a stable weight range for your height and activity level. How does sleep impact your body weight? Read on to discover the connection between your body composition and the hours you spend resting after the sun goes down.

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