Sleep Study Autoscoring is the Future of Sleep Medicine

Sleep study autoscoring is starting to go beyond simply calculating the apnea-hypopnea index. By Lisa Spear In many cases, sleep study autoscoring simply speeds up an otherwise manual process without adding new information. But emerging research has evaluated new applications that could identify more detailed sleep architecture, define sleep apnea phenotypes, or even change the … Read more

Laws Find Sweet Success at Sweet Dreams Mattress » Sleep Savvy

Family-operated business builds its Dream Team to help customers get their best rest LOOK, UP IN THE SKY It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Mattman. Sweet Dreams Mattress & Furniture owners Katy Law, left, and Greg Law, right, pose with “Mattman” (aka store manager Andrew Schlesser) at their store in Cornelius, North Carolina. … Read more

How to Grow Dental Sleep Medicine

Industry stakeholders share best practices to improve the sleep apnea patient treatment journey from screening and therapy. By Yoona Ha More than 60% of adults have had a dental exam or cleaning within the last 12 months,1 which underscores the key role that dentists can play in raising awareness and improving outcomes among their patients … Read more

Is Mercury in Retrograde Right Now? How Affects Sleep – The Sleep Doctor is reader-supported. We could earn a fee by way of merchandise bought utilizing hyperlinks on this web page. How usually do you test your each day horoscope? Have you learned your zodiac signal? Many individuals can readily speak about what Zodiac yr they had been born in or what their star signal is, even … Read more

The Awake Ape: Why People Sleep Less Than Their Primate Relatives

On dry nights, the San hunter-gatherers of Namibia often sleep under the stars. They have no electric lights or new Netflix releases keeping them awake. Yet when they rise in the morning, they haven’t gotten any more hours of sleep than a typical Western city-dweller who stayed up doom-scrolling on their smartphone. Research has shown … Read more

Sleep Apnea Drug Candidate Developer Incannex to Acquire RLS Therapy Candidate Developer APIRx

Incannex Healthcare Limited (IHL), a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing medicinal cannabis pharmaceutical products and psychedelic medicine therapies for unmet medical needs including a drug candidate for obstructive sleep apnea, has executed a term sheet with binding commercial terms to wholly acquire APIRx Pharmaceutical USA LLC. It is subject to shareholder approval. APIRx is a biotechnology … Read more

5 Surprising Health Problems Caused by a Lack of Sleep – The Sleep Doctor is reader-supported. We could earn a fee by merchandise bought utilizing hyperlinks on this web page. Poor sleep could make you are feeling run-down and sluggish the next day, however can it truly make you sick? Not getting sufficient sleep can create a vicious cycle of sleep debt, however it’s possible you’ll be stunned … Read more

Can I Use Benadryl for Sleep? – The Sleep Doctor is reader-supported. We might earn a fee via merchandise bought utilizing hyperlinks on this web page. There are lots of allergy drugs designed for daytime and nighttime use. Usually the nighttime medicine comprises sure substances that can assist you go to sleep. Some— like Benadryl— make folks sleepy irrespective of after they take it … Read more

How to Get Strong Sleep Sensor Signals

Industry experts share 6 best practices for applying and managing electrodes and sensors during in-lab sleep studies. By Lisa Spear Every sleep technologist knows that getting sleep sensors to hold fast throughout the night and deliver strong signals is of the utmost importance, but the number of challenging scenarios that sleep techs may encounter in … Read more