Paramount Sleep Company® Will Launch AH Beard Origins® at Summer Las Vegas Market

The fully recyclable mattress will be featured along with new AH Beard® Classic, Nature’s Spa®, HD Super Duty®, Paramount®, Back Performance®, and Hypnos® beds Las Vegas News Release NORFOLK, Va., July 20, 2022—Paramount Sleep Company® will launch AH Beard Origins® atSummer Las Vegas Market, July 24-28. The fully recyclable luxury mattress is making its debut … Read more

5 Sleeping Tips To Help You Stay Rested This Summer

Sleep is an important part of every day. It gives your body a chance to repair any damage and refuel for the next day. However, overbooked schedules and daily obligations can quickly push it out of the back burner. Instead of muddling through each day without the rest period you need, try using these tips to get to sleep and stay that way all night.

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Surviving a hot summer when your baby or toddler needs to sleep!

Unless you’ve been living in an air conditioned apartment for the last few weeks, you may have noticed its getting HOT. Summer has arrived with a boom, and temperatures and humidity levels have been causing havoc on everyones sleep. In order to successfully fall asleep our body temperature actually needs to lower in order for … Read more