Why a Silk Sleep Masks Protects Lash Extensions

A girl examining her lashes in the mirror with a silk eye mask for lash extensions on top of the table in front of her.

Silk’s clean texture minimizes friction within the eye space. Plus, it’s naturally hypoallergenic.

Good silk is breathable, minimizing sweating which might injury lash extensions.

The Finest Silk Sleep Masks for Lash Extensions

A girl with her arms on top of her head wearing a silk sleep mask from Manta Sleep.
A silk eye mask for lash extensions from Manta Sleep.

Different silk sleep masks elements to think about

#1 Eye cups for extra respiration room

A set of gray convex silk eye cups with velcro backing.

#2 Adjustable for a customized match

A pair of hands demonstrating how to fasten a silk eye mask for lash extensions.

#3 Sturdy and straightforward to clean

A silk eye mask for lash extensions laid out flat with the eye cups facing upward.

Your Lash Extensions’ Finest Pal with Advantages