A cooling eye mask from Manta Sleep.
Hands adjusting the head strap of a cooling sleep mask.
Blue eye cups of a sleep mask on a bed of ice.

What’s the Manta COOL Masks for?

Refreshes drained pores and skin within the eye space

Eases and itchiness from allergic reactions

Helps with complications and migraines

Tips on how to use Manta COOL Masks

1: Unpack your Manta COOL Masks.

3: Connect the COOL cups to the top strap.

4: Modify Manta COOL Masks for an ideal match.

5: Take a restorative nap and let Manta COOL Masks work its magic.

Caring for Your Manta COOL Head Strap & Eye Cups

Tips on how to Clear the Manta COOL Head Strap

Cleansing the Manta COOL Eye Cups

Tips on how to Retailer the Head Strap and Eye Cups

Extra Manta COOL Masks Ideas